Last updated on: 25 Jan 2015

You can see here the changelog of older versions of Poker Enlighter (2.0 - 2.3):

Version 2.3 build 538 (26 July 2014)

  • Fix: Improved the Export to XML functionality. The poker types names that appear there are now more user-friendly.
  • Fix: In the simulator, the 5-high straight flush was incorrectly detected as Royal Flush.
    This was the case for both Texas Hold'em and Omaha games.
  • Fix: In the graphical interface, selecting "New Simulation" didn't reset the "Hand Type" dropdown box.
  • Change: The program now requires that the Java version be at least 7 Update 4 (released in April 2012). This version includes a new version of the virtual machine.
  • Change: Upgraded the JFreeChart library on which the graphical interface relies.
    The upgrade was from version 1.0.15 to version 1.0.18.

Version 2.2 build 514 (16 July 2013)

  • Fix: Improved the Export to XML functionality. If community cards were used during the simulation, they are included as well. Also, the indentation of the file is now much better.
  • Change: The 2 tables of the GUI cannot be edited anymore.
  • Change: The program now requires that the Java version be at least 7 Update 2 (released in December 2011). This version includes a new version of the virtual machine, for added performance and reliability.
  • Fix: Fixed a critical bug in the simulation engine, which caused incorrect results. This issue affected only Omaha Hi/Lo simulations.
  • Change: Upgraded the Substance-LookAndFeel library to the latest version. This was done in attempt to fix a bug which causes the mouse to remain in hourglass-mode after a simulation. Apparently, the latest version of the library still has this bug. Because of this upgrade, some minor changes to the list of available Skins had to be made.
  • Change: Upgraded the JFreeChart library to the latest version.
  • Fix: The "New Simulation" option didn't refresh the player's table.

Version 2.1.2 build 490 (11 June 2013)

  • Fix: There was a nasty bug which caused the "Export to XML" button to never be available.

Version 2.1 build 488 (11 June 2013)

  • New: The Substance Look & Feel was included, together with its many flavours.
  • New: The bar graphs can now be saved as PNG images for future reference.
  • New: The simulation results can now be exported as XML file. See the Manual for more details about the contents of the file.
  • New: A new option is available in the program's Menu bar: "New Simulation". This will reset all chosen parameters, cards,ranges etc. to their original state.
  • New: 2 new options are available for the bar graphs: "Stacked Graph" and "3D Graph". These options can be combined in any way, which is why 4 different flavours are now possible. See the Manual or the Screenshots section for more details.
  • Fix: Display bug in the status bar is now fixed.
  • Change: Migrated code base from Subversion to Git.

Version 2.0 build 456 (11 May 2013)

  • New: The mouse now turns into an hourglass while the simulation is running
  • Fix: The stop button now works correctly
  • Fix: In both tables of the main window, a percentage sign is shown (where applicable)
  • Fix: The Spinner used for selecting the number of players is not editable anymore
  • Fix: In the Options dialog, the "display percentage" check box was always checked, no matter what the actual value was
  • The correct language was not selected by default when opening the Options dialog.
  • Fix: The new version checking mechanism is now done on a separate thread instead of on the EDT
  • Fix: The status bar now shows a more precise simulation duration
  • Fix: Reopening the range dialog now sets the slider to the correct value, instead of using the default 15 % value.
  • Change: Setting a range of 100 % will set the hand type to random instead of range
  • Change: Setting a range of 0 % will have no effect
  • Change: The graph will now show the hand type of each player. To adjust for this, the formula for calculating its width was changed.
  • Fix: Switching between poker types will now actually switch between community cards selections.
  • Change: Shifted some validation functionality from the GUI to the Simulator.
  • Fix: In order to protect the integrity of the language translations, a check is made to see if the values are fine. If not, default values are used.

Version 2.0 Alpha build 438 (06 May 2013)

  • The 1.x version line was kind of crap, so it was abandoned. We start fresh with the 2.x version.
  • New: The program now has its own website (pokerenlighter.javafling.org).
  • Change: Completely rewritten GUI, making it more modern and professional.
  • Change: Due to significant limitations in the visualization of results, the support for Full Simulations has been dropped. The only reason these simulations existed was for experimental reasons and to provide a programming challenge.
  • New: The minimum Java version required to run this program is Java 7 Update 1 (released on 18th Oct 2011).
  • Change: The program is now split in 2 JAR files. One JAR file contains only GUI code while the other contains all the application logic.
  • New: A Preferences section is now available where various settings can be changed.
  • New: The GUI is now available in multiple languages. For starters, English and Romanian are available.
  • Change: The simulation engines now take advantage of multi-core CPUs by working in multi-threaded mode, based on the number of logical CPUs available to the virtual machine. The number of threads is equal to the number of logical CPUs. This number will be reported by the program during the simulations.
  • New: The results of the simulations now include the tie, i.e. the percentage of times that a player would have to split the pot with someone else.
  • Change: A huge part of the code (about 70 %) was rewritten from scratch or greatly improved.
  • Fix: Compared to the 1.x versions, version 2.0 now generates about 70 % less garbage.
    Less garbage -> fewer interruptions by the garbage collector -> faster simulations.
  • Change: All kinds of sorting inside the code is now done using sorting networks.
  • Fix: The 1.x versions relied on the java.util.Random class for providing randomness to the card shuffling mechanism. In this version, this was replaced by a custom random number generator. It elegantly combines 4 (yes: four) random number generators to provide improved randomness over java.util.Random's LCG, while preserving a very high speed.
  • Change: At startup, the window will now have a central position on the screen, it will no longer appear in the top-left corner. Same with all the dialogs.
  • New: The results of the simulation can now be viewed as a bar graph (thanks to the JFreeChart library). The appearance of this graph can be tweaked in the Preferences dialog.
  • New: The default GUI Look-and-Feel is now Nimbus. The user can choose from a list of 5 custom Look-and-Feels and set that one as the default. Selection is done from the Preferences section.