Last updated on: 25 Jan 2015

You can see here the changelog of Poker Enlighter Simulator:

Version 2.5 build 646 (19 October 2014)

  • Poker Enlighter Simulator now supports 5-Card Omaha and 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo.
    This is just like regular Omaha, except that the player has 5 cards in his hand instead of 4.
  • The main Simulator class now has a more developer-friendly interface for creating instances of it: the Builder design pattern.
    This is a good fit because there are many parameters provided in a ton of possible combinations.
  • The executable JAR now has a main class which, for the moment, only prints version/copyright/build information on the standard output.

Version 2.4 build 562 (28 September 2014)

  • Poker Enlighter is now open-source under the LGPL v2.1 License.
  • Poker Enlighter is now split in 2 projects: the Simulator and Swing-UI.
  • The Simulator now offers a new way for it to be used, more specifically by immitating an event-based notification system.
    What you have to do in order to use it is you have to implement an interface and give that object to the simulator. The simulator will then notify you on that object of certain events, like simulation progress, error, termination etc.
    You can see a complete example and more details on the Developer Guide page.