Last updated on: 24 Jan 2015

Note: Keep in mind that I offer NO support for the versions on this page.
They are present here only for historical reasons.

The download links for Poker Enlighter back when it was only one project can be found below:

Version Size Launch Date Download MD5
2.3 5.1 MB 26 July 2014 Download 171967350A631A5d3ED9C4B2B946A3A6
2.2 5.0 MB 16 July 2013 Download A535340AF98BD4089ED5AEDFC5778707
2.1.2 4.5 MB 11 June 2013 Download 33660829FA77521F48A08D59AFD1F81F
2.1 4.5 MB 11 June 2013 Download C7F8467D732144D34CD2C28085DDBB1C
2.0 3.1 MB 11 May 2013 Download EEA169F4C881B8192A8C6ABEEE0F7774
2.0 Alpha 3.1 MB 06 May 2013 Download 0A1E96C64308A472A4BB810F372FBF5F

Releases before the 2.x version line can be downloaded from below. They are very old and were developed in a time when I didn't really knew what I was doing.

Version Size Download MD5
0.x and 1.x 1.0 MB Download AD35F50066770B9FD0DA7EFC0232B9D9